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Rules in English

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Liittynyt: 06 Huh 2006
Viestejä: 449
Paikkakunta: Heilbronn, Germany

LähetäLähetetty: 27.01.2008 10:20 pm    Viestin aihe: Rules in English Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä

Here are the rules in English concerning the stories, fics etc.

Please, all of you who are writing in English look at these rules!

Nithir- kirjoitti:

And the rules... I try to write the rules for you in English, that you have some kind of idea. It's a bit hard for me, my English isn't brilliant and I can't find all the words (even I sometimes use dictionary). I try to explain so that you might understand.
Of course like crimes, it's hard to say what is immoral or something, so you can use your brains! (:

- Don't write about suicide or trying it, idealising of death and pain, cutting him/herself or simiral act, drugs or abuse of medicines.

- Don't send texts, which are immorals or might hurt Lovex's members or their intimates or readers. Including drugs, crimes, private life, sexual fics.

- Age limit is 11 (recommendation). No detailed violence, you can write light erotica (read: you can do when there are others in the room) and also light horror.

- Respect copyrights. In songfics (or fics like that), remember to mention the author.

- Continue your text in same topic, freely in same message. You can signify, where another part starts and put in the title the day when you have send here the new part for readers.

- Notice the appearance; no mistakes in text, clean text. If you need someone to correct the mistakes, betareaders will help

Those are the rules^^.

If you have something to ask, just ask.

You can make those questions here or then via private mail.

Thanks, viia
"To escape criticism - do nothing, say nothing, be nothing"
- Elbert Hubbard
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